About Powder Coating

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process where a finely ground powder is sprayed at very low pressure from an electrically charged gun onto a bare part that is grounded. The gun is charged From 10kv-100kv to give the particles a very high electrical charge. The particles of powder are instantly drawn to the part, adhering to the charged surface.

The coated part is then baked at around 400 degrees (high-temperature cured) and, as soon as it is cooled back to ambient temperature, is ready to go.

Powder coating is also environmentally friendly since the powder itself is non-toxic, and volatile organic compounds are not used to cure the coating system. These characteristics are why advanced powder coating has been the fastest growing segment of the finishing industry for the last ten years.


What parts and materials can be powder coated?

We powder coat essentially all metals, glass, certain types of plastics, and some specialized composites. The parts must be able to withstand the cleaning and curing process. (sustained exposure to 400+ Deg)

We routinely powder coat steel, aluminum, magnesium and cast iron. We also have successfully powder coated certain thermoset plastics such as engine valve covers and intake manifolds. We can also powder coat automobile windows to color match your car.


The benefits of powder coating:

Powder coatings are very durable. They offer better impact resistance, flexibility, and chemical resistance than paint, and offer a much higher quality finish on complex shapes than can be achieved with painting. They do not use airborne solvents and are environmentally friendly. Parts are ready for use immediately after cooling to ambient temperature. They are available in almost any color and texture.

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